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How to choose jewelry as a gift

Selection of jewelry in gift for the lady is not always easy, but if we remember that every woman attaches great importance to their appearance, wants to be a compelling, attractive and charming, that determine the choice becomes much easier. After all, the best gift a woman in any event - is that accentuate her beauty and charm that makes it even more attractive.

And that can handle this task better than the refined decoration? Such a gift will please any woman, no doubt, more than another box of chocolates or even more so a set of pans.

But how to choose jewelry as a gift so that it looked perfect for the lady? The choice of jewelry as a gift - it is an art, but to learn it anyone can with little effort, you just know a few little secrets.

The first step is to determine the order of what material will be made piece of jewelry that you are ready to present to the woman closest to the feast. Win-Win will be made of gold and silver. They are perfectly enhance the beauty of any woman regardless of her age, such as appearance and skin tone.

The girls with dark skin will look especially elegant decorations of white and pink gold, while a person of fair-skinned ideal black gold.

When choosing a gemstone preference is usually given to diamonds, rubies and emeralds, while other stones will be accepted with delight, if you are familiar with the wishes of the hero of the occasion.

The perfect gift for a woman to be, and jewelry, in that case if you treat her choice very seriously. Preference is to give elite high-quality jewelry from leading manufacturers.

Wonderful gift will design jewelry and handicrafts.
But what should be present at the feast of the fair sex, will have to choose carefully. The choice is quite wide, rings, chains, necklaces, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches. The main thing in this matter - is to focus on style, preferences and wishes of the ladies, which will belong to this ornament.

It should be a responsible approach to the choice of the ring. Incorrect selection may look ring on the hand of his owner is very absurd and even highlight its shortcomings. Here we have to consider many things: a woman's age, the skin of her hands, the length and thickness of the fingers, hand shape, the length of the nails.

Girl young age with delicate skin and elegant hands, perfect form thin rings with a relatively simple pattern and interspersed with small stones. On a more respectable lady age will look much better rings with large stones.

The beauty of long, thin fingers accentuate the ring with a horizontal average decor, some of the larger ring. A woman with short fingers is better to give a thin ring with vertical design that will visually lengthen the brush of her hand.

The perfect adornment for women to handle, and a bracelet. It is very important not to miscalculate the size of the product. The distance between the wrist and the bracelet should be about one finger.

The rules are very simple choice. On the thin wrist will look great elegant fine chain, and for the ladies with his arms full of bracelets are more suitable volume. If a woman on the wrist bone sticks out badly, it will help hide the lack of such a large bracelets with exquisite jewels, and bracelets, which are a number of large rings.

A favorite of many girls are the ornament earrings. The main thing that is worth considering when choosing earrings - a form of the person who will wear them.

Women with angular features are not suitable earrings triangular or square shape. But on the chubby beauties will look somewhat ridiculous earrings in the form of rings. Complete the ladies do not give big earrings, they are more suitable for women with an elongated face. If you plan to give the lady rings with inlays of stone, do not forget to consider that they need to combine the color of her eyes.

Perhaps every woman can please gift in the form of ornaments for the neck. To choose such ornaments should be based on the length and shape of women's necks.

On the ladies with a long neck would look perfect short necklaces and chains, skinny neck. Visually lengthen a short neck, long, help decorate. Another factor to consider when choosing these ornaments - a woman's age, which will be presented with a gift.

Do not give adult ladies short chains and beads, they'll look much more attractive to the younger woman. Women older is better to give massive long chains and large necklaces.

You can please the woman he loves, giving her an elegant brooch. Brooches are selected for a particular outfit. For sporty clothes and dresses decorated with sequins, decorations in the form of brooches would be superfluous. Much better to pick up the brooch to the understated dress, it will be possible to pin a neck or belt. Well it will look a sweater adorned with a brooch on the lapel of his beautiful. Also, you can decorate with a brooch jacket, blouse, skirt with a smell, etc.

But most importantly, what should be guided in the choice of jewelry as a gift - a taste of the woman, her character and style of dress. The most daring design "tricks" could not be better suited to young, brash, and unwilling to keep up with fashion the fair sex.

While the young romantic beauty products to suit a variety of butterflies, flowers, bows, hearts and other similar design. But it is not very wise to give that kind of thing a woman who prefers to dress and the severity of the classics, much better in this case, to purchase medium-sized elegant bracelet, thin chain, not striking ring with a small stone or tiny earrings.

Jewelry - it is really the best gift for any woman, they are always fresh, always welcome. And surely such a gift would be a welcome and pleasant and will be adopted with enthusiasm.

Women use jewelry to highlight your charm and its uniqueness, to convey the mood, to express their views on the world. And so, on what would be the product did not stop your choice, the main thing - is always based on the preferences and wishes of the person you intend to teach. And then your gift in any case would be appreciated!

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