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Trifles make perfection

I would really like to see, wearing bijouterie, you will not forget about the stylistic approach. Perhaps, above all, the important proportionality, ie records of your external data. Because, whether we like it or not, but any trinket change our appearance. Therefore, no matter how you captured the piece of bijouterie, always look for the answer to the question, as it transforms me? Buy it if you stay on at least one of two possible options:
  • It is my highlight the positive features;
  • It will correct my faults.

After all, without analyzing it, could happen the other way round: will emphasize, highlight the fact that decent cover, and stushuete, because utaite hasty purchase that winning in your appearance.
Earrings are interconnected with the eyes.

The color of the stone can "play up" the eyes. Brown (tourmaline, hematite) - make your eyes more severe. Light (pearls, diamond) - give the light and radiance. From the lavender alexandrite amethyst and brown eyes become violet, and wine-yellow topaz and amber make them richer and softer. Light-gray eyes become "mermaid" by the appeal of a greenish aquamarine, emerald, and tourmaline. But be careful: the blue-eyed woman, wanting to emphasize eye color, prefer turquoise, and it is often more intense in color, and eyes are inconspicuous, contrary to expectations. In addition, blue and dark blue stones (turquoise, sapphires) make white skin sickly pale and pinkish-red stones (rubies, garnets, hyacinths) will report the impression of allergic inflammation and white-pink face.

The form of earrings is also important. Round - highlighted the shortcomings of small close-set eyes and pay attention to the upturned, so I advise to give preference to the pointed shape and elongated ovals.
Full-faced ladies better to choose a low-key shapes and spiky earrings no larger than the ear lobe - they will not stare at the edges of a round face. For the same reason, earrings pendants - a ban for those who have full and short neck.

Earrings overload the upper part of the face of those who wear glasses.

Brooch focuses on the face and upper torso.

It happens because you do not want to emphasize the broad shoulders or full, the brooch is better positioned closer to the center of the chest. Long face and narrow chin, a good counterbalance round pins, but they are counter-round and full-faced.

"The language of brooches," Madeleine Albright - one more proof that in the bijouterie business world - more than decoration. As the nature of the human right, the former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, perhaps, at times suffered from the fact that it is not always able to make the interlocutor in the eyes of all in her mind. So instead of sign language and she came up with "the language of brooches."

The habit of wearing "brooch with overtones of" Albright got back in the time served as U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN. Thus, when one Iraqi newspaper called her a snake, she appeared in the UN Security Council with a brooch in the form of a serpent. She has repeatedly put on the brooch, symbolizing the motto, borrowed from the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali: "flutter like a butterfly, sting like a bee."
Necklaces and chains visually linked with neck: short - the full, and the threads are long enough and contrasting with the outfit can shorten your torso and reduce growth. "Collars" and Beads "on his neck," you should not wear women with a short neck, the best option for them would be a necklace or a teardrop-shaped pendant on thin chain.


Do not get carried away lots of rings on his hands. No more than one ring on each hand! Unless you create a fantasy image of a gypsy, Moorish or Hebrew style for the masquerade. Short fingers look even shorter, if they are wearing wide ring or rings with large stones. Here is a small oval stone in a thin ringlet can visually lengthen the fingers. Think about it: whether to decorate all the fingers or rings still limited to one, but impressive - it is a matter of style, harmony and inner peace. But what hands decorated with rings, to be groomed - an axiom in the acknowledgments do not need.

If a woman goes into the service, even if she is not married, one ring to it has been determined and the necessary - wedding-. But before that, what is called a wedding ring, which - wedding. Engagement - with the stone (usually garnet, aquamarine, sapphire, diamond) - presents the man, making a proposal of marriage. This engagement ring after the bride is until the day before, along with the bride will not appear before the altar and stand before the fake-friendly view of the registrar aunt. Here, instead of a wedding at the bride's hand appears wedding ring - no stone. It is evidence of a married woman has a job, even an unmarried employee. It does not introduce a fraud department personnel; this sign - the request to communicate with the men around her like a married lady, not distracted by the attentions and concentrate on work. However, those who appear on stage or TV screen, wearing wedding ring when they are on the front of the audience, it is impossible. Professional image litsedeya requires shared.

For many women, revere the symbols wedding more than the fact of the consecration of eternal devotion to her husband, and for which the attachment to all kinds of symbols in general far superior understanding of the phenomena themselves that these characters represent, read above is usually obvious displeasure. But nothing to ease their plight can not: the pagan world - misery is difficult to be corrected. Mankind has to overcome this took several millennia.

The laws of good taste: Avoid wearing bijouterie in the shape of hearts, zodiac signs, crosses and tridents. The modern civilized man does not perceive the characters, revered paganism as something serious. Maybe at a festive party on Valentine's Day would be appropriate, and heart, and the zodiac sign - for the youth of the company, celebrating someone's birthday. But if you see a modern civilized woman, creating a balanced image of a serious, outfit which added to the pagan symbols - nothing to do but shrug his shoulders in disbelief!

The cross can also create an unnecessary psychological background in dealing with atheists, and members of other religions and denominations. As you know, some Christian denominations do not recognize the cross as an attribute of their faith. Do not forget the important rule: the more massive and expensive bijouterie and larger stones, the easier it is to be hair and makeup. "Accessories - this is what makes a woman a woman or irreversibly damages its image," - often remember the words of Coco Chanel. When wearing bijouterie you remember about it depending on the situation and circumstances. Appear on the beach or a picnic in expensive bijouterie and went, as well as at the evening reception at the wooden beads with a barrette or hair of metallized plastic. Conformity situation involves the day to wear bijouterie made of inexpensive and non-shiny gems.

Pearls are the best daytime bijouterie may be considered:
- Beads of semiprecious muted tones (amber, amethyst, onyx, tiger eye, garnet) or semi-precious stones (coral, quartz, agate);
- Pearls, including color (gray, blue, green);
- Pins and brooches from the filigree, enamel, enamel, with semi-precious stones, dark (amethyst, garnet, topaz).

Especially to say about diamonds. This evening the stone (as brilliant), and age: a decent woman to wear it after thirty. I remembered an episode from the play by Alexander Ostrovsky. Two ladies are on the boulevard, to meet - coach. "Look, - said one - day and in the carriage and diamonds!" "Merchant's Wife!" - Explains the other, defining this level of taste. Or rather, lack thereof. Try also to your level of taste has never depended on the material resources, and was always on top! Choose decorations discreet, elegant, which is harmonically combined with the appearance, costume and setting.

In past centuries the wearing of jewelery certainly obeyed if the existing rules of etiquette. So, grenades, pearls considered appropriate for young girls and unmarried women (regardless of their age), they are not allowed to wear diamonds. Opaque stones - agate, onyx, chrysoberyl - were the only acceptable adornment of mourning clothes.

Do not wear bijouterie of two closely spaced. Prefer these combinations: earrings and bracelet, necklace and ring, brooch and ring. Listen to the opinion of the American image maker Lillian Brown: "Your bijouterie should highlight your appearance without drawing attention to themselves ... The basic rule: get rid of too brilliant, rocking, shimmering in the light of all that is ringing, and noise (eg, multiple bracelets ), anything that diverts attention away from your face and what you say. Thus, the huge brooch of gold, rhinestones, diamonds, certain types of silver jewelery, plain jewelery, white (for example, large earrings faux pearl earrings in the form of discs, bracelets made of ivory) can hardly be considered examples of successful choice of accessories.

The big shiny earrings draw attention away from your eyes. A string is too large beads, swaying on his chest, attracts glances. Unable to hide behind a big, gaudy, fake bijouterie, which immediately give no sense of proportion and a bad taste. "
Avoid wearing bijouterie in the kit. Such a statement may seem strange to many: "Well, because the kits are selling well, and here I saw in a magazine and on TV...". You have to understand that the business engaged in the production bijouterie, like advertising and trade is the only purpose - to sell and make a profit, and not to raise your good taste and creativity to create their own style.

If several pieces of kit to put together, then each of them, repeating the design of another, will lose its significance and exclusivity. Winning, it will be highlighted unique in its undeniable originality. In addition, the image of "You see, I dressed up!" impression of deliberateness, premeditation, and points to the image of a primitive solution.

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