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The secret of Swarovski

By inviting the actress to the celebration in Madison Square Garden, the organizers have warned her that should come demurely in the toilet. Monroe also wore a long evening dress with open back of a transparent voile, entirely embroidered with stones. In the spotlight tissue was dissolved, and luxurious body Monroe was surrounded by a diamond shine. The sparkling stones on the dress Marilyn were not diamonds, but only the glass, but they looked amazing plausible: these were crystals from Swarovski.

Forge gems people have sought since time immemorial. This craft has always been a means of fraud and illegal profits. In ancient Egypt there was a way to making artificial gems made of crystal with the addition of lead oxide, and the brilliance of the game is very similar to the present.

In the XVIII century, this business has revived the famous jeweler George Frederic Strass, nazhivshy a large fortune. His name is now known as imitation precious stones - crystals.

But, perhaps, does not appear in the XVIII century, Georges Frederic Strass, there would be 100 years later by Daniel Swarovski. In 1862 in a small village Dzhorzhental, located in the mountains of northern Bohemia, was born Daniel Swarovski. This region was known from time immemorial, the famous Bohemian glass, and at the home of every self-respecting working Bohemian glass workshop. Was no exception and the father of Daniel, but the specific scope of his enterprise is clearly no different. Swarovski Jr. for several years worked in the family business in his spare time playing the violin, and then got bored. Close to it was the Bohemian village. Big business, he decided, made in large cities. For example, in Paris.

That's where Daniel went to study chemistry, physics, mechanics and other necessary engineering science. And having studied them, went to the World electrotechnical exhibition. There, among the mysterious mechanisms, and no less mysterious masters, inventors, he wondered: is it possible to adjust the electrical current for grinding glass? It turned out that it is possible. In 1891, after much thought and prikidok he fashioned the world's first electric grinder. This machine is allowed to handle the stones and crystals in solid numbers and with excellent quality.

Deciding not to compete with the Bohemian craftsmen, he moved to Austria and there in the Tyrolean village of Wattens, establishing plant was churning Crystal imitating precious stones. In 1900 the company received its present name - Swarovski (Swarovski). And 10 years later, in 1911, Daniel and his sons began to develop a new process for manufacturing crystal, being able to deduce the optimal combination of starting mixtures for cooking crystal uncanny transparency. The new structure consisted of soda, potash, red lead, quartz sand, mixed in certain proportions. To do something like this could not until now no one, no matter how trying.

So there were Swarovski crystals. In contrast, real diamonds, they were inexpensive and surprisingly attractive. Fashionistas Paris and St. Petersburg, where Daniel Swarovski sent the first samples of jewelry from them came to a complete delight. Orders for the crystal "diamonds" poured from the horn of plenty. Fashion reacted instantly. Jewellery has ceased to be in bad taste even for the royal courts of Europe. The demand for crystal stones were huge.

So dream come true founder of the family enterprise Swarovski: the gap between rich and poor has almost disappeared. Unlike their predecessors, the founder of the company did not conceal the fact of imitation, because he thought his business legitimate. Its crystal looks like diamond, and thus can perform the same function. The saying "All is not gold that glitters" has been disproved.

In XX century, Swarovski jewelry has gained not only a right to exist, but was considered an art. The most beautiful and famous people of the world considered it an honor to wear Swarovski crystals.

It will take years and this jewelry will not only part of evening dresses and costumes. Tina Turner, for example, has repeatedly ordered for speeches short dresses, entirely embroidered with crystal stones.

Popular products company and a designer. The first was taken on the catwalk mannequins in jewelry crystal inveterate rivals - Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli. Even today, designers do not bypass your attention the magnificent crystals. The collection of outrageous queen Vivienne Westwood, made in the pirate-style dress was embroidered with imitation ropes of Swarovski crystal stones. A Christian Lacroix creations adorned some of the brilliant Tyroleans their hours.

In the XX century jewelry
Swarovski has gained not only a right to exist, but was considered an art. The most beautiful and famous people of the world considered it an honor to wear rhinestones. In the mid-50's opened up and the talent of his grandson, Daniel - Manfred Swarovski, he managed to create a technology to produce multi-colored crystals. Stone shimmered like a rainbow. In vogue colored rhinestones.

In 1976, the company Swarovski has opened a new production line - Silver Crystal. Just before Christmas the company produced the first crystal figurine. It was a small mouse, collected from four pendants for chandeliers. This transformation resulted in the creation of a new branch of the company. The success surpassed all expectations. In the mouse followed by a hedgehog, turtle, deer, rhinoceros, swan ... Marketers Swarovski tried to give this product an aura of collection.

Almost a quarter of a century saw the light of more than three hundred different figures. Lovers of fine miniatures Collectors Club was founded on the Swarovski products, which consist of about half a million members from dozens of countries around the world. Especially for the design team members once a year, a figure released in limited quantities, one for each client.

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