Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beautiful, confident, visible!

Clothes can tell us much about: our feelings, moods, desires. And, of course, it is important that our clothes tell us. just what we want for themselves to tell the world, and not the things that we would like to hide! And, do not need to be a professional psychologist to learn a lot about his character traits, and others.

Let's look at myself in the mirror?

So, for example, women who love to wear bright things are not confident. If you like the bulky bags, then ¬ nyaka Naver, you want to appear businesswoman. Lover of shoes and boots to flat shoes they know how to behave to please a man. If you are ready to prison just to get hold of a thing with a known brand, you are likely to perceive their status in society, as the most important part of his life.

Favorite things give our secrets are much more than we can suppose that reveal important information you would like to hide from others. But it is possible to do, and vice versa - wishful thinking things through, that is to control the view of others. In order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to understand some of the rules.

The deep neckline, mini-skirt, rhinestones and sequins - all suitable for a meeting or a party, but not for the office. But the fitted cut, unusual collars, ornaments would meet strict dress code - on the one hand, but it will not make you dull and obscure - on the other. You can wear a jacket and pencil skirt knee length to mid-and light-colored blouse. That's when you understand correctly.

You want to take care of you, guarded, solved for you? No big deal - start wearing shirts with funny pictures, butterfly thingies, flowers, bows, air skirts and so on. These outfits will cause tenderness at the strong men, as well as a desire to protect you from the harsh life.

Dreaming to be extravagant?

Then a lot of sequins, sequins, pleated skirts, dresses, embroidered with flowers or ornaments should be in your wardrobe. Look closely as the Hollywood ideal of what your character and courage copy the most unbelievable costumes. However, do not worry if your on an extravagant form will shy away those whose attention you want to attract - all necessary measure.

And that's natural - it is something that is now seeking European women. The naturalness and easy carelessness, and not bright things, chic and shine - that's what they believe, emphasizes the independent female character.
So do not overload your costume parts and accessories - elegant cut, stylish, comfortable silhouette that emphasizes flexibility and slenderness figures - you'll look in the eyes of an independent and free.

Years go by, and the prince on a white horse is not in a hurry to drive up and bring into the country of dreams? And shoes with bows, dresses with ruffles, lace, vintage bijouterie, small bags create a romantic image, with a delicate and feminine, and men are looking for these qualities in a woman.
If you want to always be cherished and to be the sexiest woman, there is nothing easier: more red - dresses, handbags, shoes, lace stockings should be the most popular things in your wardrobe. Also, leather pants, bold bijouterie - if you want to be aggressive and sexual.

Just do not frighten the man of your dreams - he can not venture to come to you, fear not match. So do not put all things at once!

That's what will make an impression on others or that your clothes.

It remains to add only one thing - we must be able to wear clothes! Shy in lacy stockings will not look sexy, but frightened, sporting lady thingies - funny and ridiculous. So, wanting to make a definite impression on someone, pick up not only fashion but also demeanor.

Do not try very akterstvovat - affectedness sooner or later be visible, and it does not make the best impression. But your dress, your mannerisms, makeup, hairstyle and a state of mind - all should be in harmony!

The only way you can achieve confidence and success with others!

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