Sunday, July 8, 2012

Guessing on the jewelry. With pinpoint accuracy!

For many centuries people have opened up many ways to find out their future. There are tarot cards, runes on, the multi-colored pebbles, the tea leaves. In ancient times, the future was revealed when looking at the flight of birds, the shape of the clouds and even the insides of animals. No wonder that there is a fortune-telling and jewelry.

This divination is traditionally referred to as Roma. However, nothing prevents it from anyone to master. You can guess at it alone, but will be much more fun if you arrange a divination session in the company.

Take your jewelry is not always easy, but the ones that you wear often. Can be used for divination, not only jewelry, but jewelry. The more ornaments to take part in divination, the more interesting of his results.

Put them in an opaque bag and ask the question that interests you most. One after another, remove the three ornaments that first caught your arm, not trying to touch to determine what it is.
Thing you learned first, tell the most likely course of events.

The second account decoration - your assessment of what is happening, your feelings. The third thing - the further development of the situation.
Now let's see how to interpret your results.

  • The ring - you are resolute, active, able to take the place of leadership and to attract attention.
  • Earrings - personal charm and well-developed intuition to help cope with all problems.
  • Necklaces, Beads - demonstrate the qualities of a soldier and a desire for order, then you will win credibility.
  • The chain - working softly, cautiously and systematically, you will be able to achieve his plan.
  • Bracelet - flexibility in decisions. Over-dramatization of the situation and may be hesitant to alienate you from the cherished goal.
  • Brooch - you too value your position and repress yourself.
  • Belt - ahead of good news and a lot of vivid impressions. Do not try to impress the special someone.
  • The tiara, barrette - happiness is close, just do not run from reality, twisted in the clouds.
  • Metals and color of the stones, which finished with your jewelry or costume jewelry, also have great significance and meaning!
  • White metal - patience, no hasty action. It should monitor the situation and act according to circumstances.
  • The yellow metal - activity should show himself, to take matters into their own hands.
  • Transparent stone - the desire to embellish the situation, the hope of outside help.
  • Red Stone - attraction to risk, to take action.
  • Blue Stone - you borrow too uncompromising, tough.
  • Green Stone - your desire for emotional comfort depends on your financial independence.
  • Yellow, brown stone - a dream come true.
  • A purple stone - the inconsistency in his actions.
  • Black Stone - achieve all affecting the other.

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