Sunday, June 3, 2012

10 items that complement your outfit

Every woman loves beautiful things, especially if they highlight its image. Originality, creativity, brightness, and style. All these qualities combine modern jewelery. This artificial jewelry that you can pick up any outfit. And as the fashion in our century is very whimsical, costume jewelry is the perfect replacement real diamonds.
In stores you'll find a wide assortment of jewelry that will satisfy any fashionista. And no matter what time of year - tasteful decorations will make a "charm" and perfection of your image. So, what kind of jewelry to choose in the winter?


Today's hit - big earrings in the style of the 80s with a touch of retro.
For stylish women's suit, "gypsy" hoop of gold and silver shades.
In business colors look flat metal discs. They can be called earrings for each day and at the same time, they will be in harmony with an evening dress. Sensual lady, you can choose small hoops.
Do not forget to consider when choosing earrings the shape of your face.


Favorite accessory of our grandmothers once again in demand. A truly feminine piece of jewelry that will transform any outfit. It can be worn on the collars of coats, scarves, dresses, blouses. It all depends on your imagination. If you select no restrictions. Today, valid brooch in the form of ribbons, flowers and leaves. Fashion brooches also believe "animal" theme - lizards, dragonflies, butterflies, cats. Avant-garde fashion shows in the "old fashioned" style with the addition of multi-colored feathers. Most of all attract the attention of relevant elements brooches - bright and large stones in different colors, iridescent and transparent as jewelry.


Your hair style and complements hairpin. In my collection you can find both hairpins for weekdays and for holidays. Here, fashion has made its "contribution." I want to emphasize "femininity." Decorated with colorful stones, beads and sequins in the shape of flowers, dragonflies and butterflies - the sophistication and elegance. Unforgettable "Japanese sticks" and "crab" to help, your hair is transformed into the original hair.


Fine, large, short, different sizes and different species. Design chains this season is unusual and striking in its diversity. This may be a chain under the "old" copper in conjunction with the rings. Alternatively, many smaller chains decorated in a necklace. You can also find the large chains, bound with leather cords and satin ribbons. Looks unusual combination of units - large, small and different weaving. What you choose depends on your character and costume.


Romance and charm. Bracelet - adornment, which is love, women and men. The correct line bracelet beautifully accentuate your hands. He will deliver together the mystery and mystique. The internet as a large bracelets and thin. They can be decorated with large stones, inlays of chains. Elegantly look bangles, bead weaving, stylish wood with an unusual pattern and pendants. Oriental style - a lot of thin bangles worn on one hand.


At the height of fashion - big necklaces. They are made of different materials - synthetic stones, glass beads. And unusual form - knitted crochet, inflexible, angular, with metal plates, or with transparent beads.


Beads not only give women elegance, they can turn a dress from simple to elegant. Fashion necklace with long strands of large beads and multi-Made Pearl, wooden, oblong and round.


In conjunction with the earrings, rings massive welcome. They are decorated with large stones. Draws attention to the ring decorated with multi colored stones.


Tenderness and sensibility you betray a necklace as a "collar", decorated with flowers and leaves. With a butterfly pendant or as a heart. Originally the "feathers" and wicker.


The massiveness of the present and in the design of pendants. Decorating with feathers, beads, beads, stones. With different designs and imitation jade. Look beautiful on silk threads and leather strips.

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