Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bijouterie relieves stress

Psychologists say that the bijouterie heals. Buy new earrings or rings helps to relieve stress and elevates mood. A fitting bijouterie is something like a trance and makes it possible to abstract from everyday thoughts. It turns out that the jump from reality to the nervous system is more useful than 8 hours of sleep.

To relax in the evening or before the meeting is responsible enough to scatter on the table and a few minutes to touch your favorite bijouterie while taking them. The bright shiny color glasses help you relax. In addition, the bijouterie heals and a purely physical. Especially if it is made from natural materials. The tree contains aromatic resins and oils, which gradually evaporates and is carried out with our subtle aromatherapy. Sea shells contain substances that have an anesthetic effect. It is noticed that the fans of pearl bijouterie rarely drink analgin and go to the doctor.

This is because bijouterie using vibrant colors, it can become a part of color therapy - color therapy. It is known that pure colors - it's waves of different frequencies that affect the energy balance of rights. Therefore, with bright bijouterie can be simulated mood. For example, the yellow color leads to the work force adds red, blue curbs the appetite, calms the brown, orange, reduces fear. One can only wear a bracelet or ring the right color - and good day to you is provided.

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