Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jewlery bijouterie

In our time, in fashion there is a general tendency – to mixing styles, the simultaneous use of high-tech and natural materials. Not spared these trends and jewelry. A few decades ago, a rather strange phenomenon, which people of the 19th century could not even think. It is, of course, jewelry jewelery. Despite the fact that, by definition, bijouterie – jewelry made of this precious metals and stones, more and more jewelry designers are turning their sights on traditional materials jewelers.

It all started with the fact that the composition of the alloys used for production of jewelry frame, began to enter the precious metals. And it was not empty extravagance. Since ancient times, known for healing and hypo-allergenic properties of gold and silver. After spending numerous studies, jewelry manufacturers realized that their products will be more popular if it does not cause discomfort to even the most sensitive owners. It was also decided that all of the rim in contact with the skin should be covered with precious metals. The cost of jewelry is a technological solution does not increase much, but fans of this type of jewelry has increased. However, consistent manufacturers, though guided by a saying, «He said, A, say B», we decided not to stop there and began to look for new ways in which to enhance the prestige jewelry. Such a method was found and has been called «bijouterie jewelry». In the ornaments worn by the proud name of the jewelry jewelry are not only used by a coating of precious metals, but also semi-precious stones, including very rare. So, for example, in the French collections of jewelry using natural stones: amethyst, turquoise, jasper, ulexite. obviously, depending on the cost price of such stones jewelry can vary quite significantly.

But still it is worth noting that even getting quite expensive jewelry from the collections of jewelry, you still will not lose. As recognized by the jewelers, the price of jewelry is the cost of stones, the cost of the cutters and artists, the brand value of the trading house and the last thing – the cost of the rim rocks. Judge for yourself: what does the cost of 100 grams of gold, compared with, say, a natural pearl the size of a quail's egg? Despite such arithmetic calculations, jewelery will cost a lot more expensive than its counterpart costume jewelery with natural pearl (or with natural stones). It so happened on the tradition. However, the buyer can not complain. We just need to understand the real benefits of purchasing jewelry. It turns out that buying jewelry from the collections of jewelry jewelry, you almost get jewelry, but at a reasonable price and do not overpay for the 10-century old jewelry at home.

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