Sunday, September 15, 2013

Costume jewelry Anna Bijoux

As in any field, which aims – to make people beautiful, in jewelry has its trends. Sometimes they fully reflect general trends, sometimes, on the contrary, are ahead of them. For example, not long ago was in fashion jewelry, made in the style of the 60s: the large, bright decorations, reminiscent of life, «flower children». A year ago, jewelery were especially relevant ethnic motives. Necklace style jewelry Inca or African beads – all in the past year. The new season opened a jewelry collection, where the main focus was on the use of unusual materials. Trendsetters in fashion jewelry for several decades are Italian designers.

Italians, like true natives of the Mediterranean, have absorbed a riot of colors and a variety of nature, could not bring in a whole new jewelry trend. One of them has a non-trivial combination of materials. Feathers, flowers, fabric, crystals, Swarovski, leather – all to be found in a jewelry collection that bears the poetic name of Anna Bijoux. A special lightness and elegance of a uniquely Italian designers, can be seen in every decorating.

Especially impressive are the latest collection of jewelry Anna Bijoux. In each of them reflects trendy ethnic motifs, which in the embodiment of the brand designers have a whole new meaning. The main finding of the summer collection are small fabric flowers reminiscent of connoisseurs of exquisite beauty of the boutonniere 19th century. I must say that Anna Bijoux jewelry is not limited to romantic tendencies, and almost everyone will be able to choose a decoration to taste. In the latest collections of the brand appeared very stylistic solutions, analogues in the modern jewelry was not. Thus, designers boldly combined urban motifs with ethnics, which seems to be in the jewelry begins to take its position.

Few jewelry designers dared to abundant use in jewelry leather bijouterie ribbon and feathers. After all, it seems that these materials are not suitable for combination in principle. But the creators of Anna Bijoux jewelery collection proved the opposite – each ornament, created on the basis of this paradox has its own personality, its own character.

Lead designer home Anna Bijoux Michele Camello in interviews often says that the focus of his collections of jewelry is always on one thing – the women's beauty. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine another jewelery, where such contingent would seem the boundaries between casual and evening jewelry. Equally elegant, all jewelery collection fit and complement work order, and for giving much chic evening dress. When asked what inspires him to create such an unusual jewelry, he says that the source of his work is almost every thing that will drop his gaze. Indeed, the careful observer can find in the flight of a bird costume jewelry or morning dew. After all, the jewelry, like any art, one sees his own. Therein lies its mysterious charm.

It would be unfair to omit that Anna Bijoux jewelery found admirers in any country of the world. That is not surprising, because the jewelry designed by Michele Camello, a preference when ordering jewelry for their collections of home Cavali – a recognized leader in the Italian fashion industry.

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