Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Costume jewelry Roman de la Rose

In contrast to the mediaeval times, which was courtly and luxurious (and not just dark), the modern woman is afraid to be gentle and romantic and extremely sexy parades, efficiency and... force. Men get scared and run. And she goes to the psychoanalyst and decides the question: what is wrong with me?

Collection line Roman de la Rose — contemporary French designers attempt to return us to the lost femininity, elegance and dignity. Every object — pedestal and anthem woman. Technology is giving way manual work, simplicity of form — refined lines and an abundance of detail, and instead of impersonal things we see costume jewelry with character. Looking for a choker made ​​of Venetian glass beads, lace necklace, earrings and rings with large transparent and opaque Swarovski stones, shining all its 24 facets, is proud to feel their involvement in the beautiful weaker sex. The normal female subjects to his reflection: what kind of hairstyle is why I have a computer and not in the opera, casinos do not bet on red? But this leather bracelet would fit not only for the evening together, but also to a business suit, who would no longer be part of such a fresh and most hated thing in the locker room.

Sample and inspect the items of the collection, you know that jewelry is expensive, which is injected into fashion ladies of all time: Coco Chanel and Jacqueline Kennedy. Wearing a beautiful decoration «from another life», you know the importance of not only put the cream on the face and at the same time convince yourself (as the manufacturers want it to): «After all, I deserve it!» And really feel something like that. To this confidence there, every self-respecting lovely lady from 16 to 100 years old must have at least one luxury item amazing collection. A knight there! The nature of the choice.

High-end costume jewelry, which is the Roman de la Rose, always has its own character and image. And dictates not only how to be together, but also corrects your gait, behavior and mood. Therefore, choosing a «living» thing, make sure that it is not only suited to the color of your eyes, hair, and the occasion, but you personally, your character. This is also important because the Roman de la Rose — jewelry more to come out, for a holiday where you have to prove yourself with intelligence and brilliance.

It is easy to find your thing, we just have to see an image, listen to yourself and to try: Woman girl. Her virtues, as one would say courtly men — purity and tenderness. Bride or university graduate will look and feel «white and fluffy», wearing a set: necklace, bracelet, earrings, which are eternal symbols of spring, such as flowers or frivolous shells are made of stones and materials soft, delicate flowers. By the way, a good practice is when the bride’s necklace is not white. According to the unwritten rules is better if it is pale pink or ivory.

A woman of mystery. This is a favorite heroine Roman de la Rose. Almost any jewelry collection you can come up: the down and feathers, lace, leaves of tropical tree on your necklace and make any intrigue wonder admiring question: what kind of woman?

A woman’s dream. If you are not afraid of her own beauty, emphasize it. Your slogan «A diamond is in need of expensive frame!». As diamonds are acting yourself, but as a frame — the most luxurious items of the collection.

Those with a refined jewelry Roman de la Rose opens a woman in society feminists are unlikely to accept, but the fashionistas find it. This is a «medieval» direction — one of the most stylish. Designers have taken into account not only the best of the past, but also added a drop of «fashion» in each product. This is reflected in the quality of the stone, the materials in color. Therefore, your headset will not require historical costumes, and will be perfectly combined with the color and texture of fashion apparel, accessories and even shoes. However, if stylish shoes are hopelessly out of date in a year, the work of art from the Roman de la Rose deserve to be put in a box with the family jewels and propagate along with the «Roman de la Rose» and the stories of the lovely lady.

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