Sunday, September 8, 2013

Costume jewelry Chartage

Fashion jewelery brand «Chartage» are produced in Belgium since 1972. Translated from the Flemish language «Chartage» means «charm». Magnificent creative team of creators jewelry «Chartage» includes: Owner and chief designer of the Belgian company Luke Bex, the design team, which at least 4 times a year, our customers are seasonal collections and sub-collections with the fashion trends, which is reflected in color schemes the materials used, as well as the form of products. Organizes the work head office, which is located in Belgium and coordinates the work between the different departments of the company. During its long history of existence of the company, «Chartage» has firmly taken its place in the market of luxury jewelry in Europe and has won its customers in Belgium, Germany, England, Israel and United Arab Emirates.

Organization of this paper deals with the main office located in Belgium, and coordinating activities between different structures of the enterprise. Over the long history of the company, «Chartage» has a decent position in the manufacturing of luxury products in Europe, and has clients in Belgium, Germany, England, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Russia and many other countries.

Costume Jewelry «Chartage» is a combination of classic elegance and beauty, high quality and sophisticated products, and even the most fashionable designs for each girl. Products "Chartage" is known all over the world with high quality and low cost. The range of the collection are: necklaces, chains, pendants, earrings, clips, brooches, rings, bracelets and more.

Production technology. Electrospray. Any product comprises a metal layer – the base, covered with a layer of copper and bronze. In this state, sputter products immersed in the bath and attached to the grid by means of iron filaments. The filaments are exposed to electricity. Further products are connected to the gold electrodes. With the impact of electricity gold settles to the production.

Metallographic test. In order not to disrupt the quality of the used metallographic test. This test provides measurement accuracy and facilitates checking the thickness of all layers, conducting testing of all sections of the sample.

Products Collection «Chartage» does not use nickel in its composition and contains enhanced layer of gold. For the production of silver is applied rhodium, a platinum group metal, which has a higher value compared to gold, has a stable coloring and does not oxidize.

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