Thursday, September 19, 2013

Costume jewelry ETALON-JENAVI

One of the largest enterprises for the production of jewelry costume jewelry – the company JENAVI – was founded in 1991 the capital of jewelry production. Due to the high professionalism of the founders of the company family-owned company has evolved over thirteen years of its existence in a great production and trading company, the number of employees which is a thousand men.

The idea of ​​the names belonged to one of the employees who participated in the competition for the title and won it. The name was happy – JENAVI company acquired in a short period of time popular around the World. Impeccable in quality jewelry applauded by women in Europe, America, Asia, Australia...

When production began to expand, the company purchased the building of the old plant «Etalon». Many employees of the plant again found work as a historical name «Standard» Reborn in the logo of the company jeweler jewelery ETALON-JENAVI (registered trademark). The company got its name ETALON-JENAVI in 2001, and is currently the leading manufacturer and supplier of jewelry jewelery on the World market. The basic concept of the company – a stylish design and jewelry approach to jewelry.

Using our own experience and knowledge of the World market of jewelry and, at the same time, based on international experience manufacturing fashion jewelry, Etalon-JENAVI in a short time managed to create a well-developed production and marketing infrastructure. Logical development of Etalon-JENAVI is a wide distribution network around the World. Geography of sales Etalon-JENAVI extensive and range are taken into account in the formation of consumer preferences in different regions.

The next step was the appearance of firm trade – shops and outlets are decorated with the logo and the name of the company, as well as proprietary trading equipment. In 1998 opened its first showroom.

An important aspect of the company was the creation in 2000 of the branch Etalon-JENAVI in Moscow, who two years of existence, has created its own customer base. In addition the company now has official representatives in many countries around the World. At the same time the program has begun to diversify the development of new product lines. One of the most promising of these is the merchandise of malachite grown by a unique technology in the company Etalon-JENAVI.

Since 2001, Etalon-JENAVI beginning to export their products to foreign countries. The first step was the creation of branded outlets in the UK. Later products gaining popularity in the United States and Scandinavia.

For the past twelve years, the company's products combines the affordable prices and high quality. Mark ETALON-JENAVI claim to a leading position in the domestic and global markets.

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