Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What is in fashion jewelry

Costume jewelry – a French word, his exemplary designation – Jewelry of the base material. It would seem, based on the meaning of the word – these products must be inexpensive. However, not all jewelry – cheap. After all these ornaments, in fact, copies of the original articles of precious metals and make them according to the sketches of famous designers. Sometimes coated with gold and other precious metals, which, of course, increases their value and aesthetic value.

However, most of jewelery made ​​of non-ferrous metals, copper, nickel silver, titanium, brass, bronze. And as the «precious» stones used semi-precious stones such as amethyst, rock crystal, carnelian, agate, lapis lazuli.

When the jewelry went to mass, there is a trend jewelry as art-design. Its development involved talented, famous and not so artists. And the materials for the production of such products come from a wide variety: some that look absolutely fantastic, and those that are not rated by a specialist real jewels can not be distinguished.

Also very popular right now products made of natural materials: bone, horn.

And in the summer is quite relevant jewelry made ​​of shells, since they are very different, both the form and color.

Costume jewelry is so popular now that there are even a few styles of production. Here, for example, the style of «hi-tech». In this style, it turns out, make not only furniture, but also the decoration. These products are of unusual curved and intricate geometric shapes. Moreover, if bracelets, they are intended to be worn not only on the wrist, but even on the shoulders and legs. They are made mostly of brass and breaststroke.

But the style of minimalism is simple forms and a minimum of decoration. And these products are made mainly of steel and plastics same style – minimum brightness.

Another interesting style, as it is called, or the massive «chunky»: its differences in absolute unpresentable and unsightly forms, as well as a large scale jewelry. This is their zest, and wear the jewelery, both women and men. In the production of plastic used primarily.

To sum up, I want to note that jewelry is firmly established in our lives, and is not the last in a casket of jewelry fashionista.

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