Monday, September 23, 2013

Israel Costume jewelry

Costume Jewelry «ANAT» have an original design, a bold combination of different materials, a variety of colors. Feature in the manufacture of products ANAT is handmade, gold and silver plating, semi-precious stones, crystals «Swarovski» and glass beads. Costume Jewelry «ANAT» For more than 20 years and is represented in Europe, America, Australia and Japan, which has gained wide popularity. Today stylish and original decorations «ANAT» available and Russian women.

Their collections, «MARIANA», creates inspiration, exclusively in a romantic direction, combining colors and natural elements using the procedure «Feng Shui», passing through the product love, happiness and inner harmony.

In every sense of luxury jewelery, which is used to create a special process, the practice in the work of the great jewelers. All jewelry «MARIANA» made ​​by hand, using a crystal «Swarovski», semi-precious stones and a special type of glass. Particular attention is paid to a combination of a combination of emotions, colors and textures.

Design works «LALY» are distinguished by their unique technology using a special type of glass. Her work with glass and metal have opened new horizons to create beautiful jewelry. To date, «LALY» integrates other materials in their design work, using semi-precious stones, glass, crystals «Swarovski». This unique combination creates magical effects play of light and color, creating unpredictable combinations produced unexpected original, stylish jewelry that is worn easily and comfortably.

The line «FUXIA Design» presents a new look at the jewelry and accessories, based on the production of which uses a combination of specific elements of beads, which are made from a patented composition of polymer clay that gives the product an easy, semi-precious stones, crystals, «Swarovski» and the glass. Range «FUXIA Design» – the necklace, bracelets, earrings, rings, charms for phone and keys, hair clips. Using the original range of colors and different types of materials give new direction in fashion jewelry. Particular attention in the articles «FUXIA Design», is given to the production of each element different from the others and, at the same time, together they create a perfect harmony throughout the product.

The company «DANON» since 1975 has established itself as one of the best manufacturers of jewelry. Manufacture of imitation jewelery «DANON» is based on a mixture of ancient and modern techniques of making jewelry. In the manufacture of each product used gold, silver, copper or bronze finish which is processed by hand to the optimum gloss and durability. Complement jewelry crystal «Swarovski», semi-precious stones, glass beads. The company «DANON», exploring trends and modern fashion, creates a unique design, which lies at the basis of originality, practicality and style.

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