Saturday, July 14, 2012

Be stylish - it means to be always in fashion!

Style in dress - it is always fashionable, but in terms of style, prim Englishwoman out of competition. If you want to look like a king, like a real lady, you need to learn the ability to combine things to pick up colors and accessories.

Let's see what exactly should be done to look stylish.

The first and most "simple" option that comes to mind: to buy an expensive and stylish clothes - if not from the designer, but from well-known companies in the world of fashion.

The thinking is absolutely correct, but there are two important facts: first, one dress (a dress, a blouse) for what would look stylish is not enough.

Secondly, your budget can not pull such purchases - quality and branded things are always expensive.
And yet this must strive, therefore, the first rule on the way to his own style: do not make rash purchases, buy only high quality stuff!

"We are not rich enough to buy cheap things!" - The essence of English style, and a century of experience is able to convince of the truth of this assertion anyone.

Quality clothing will last you much longer than the cheap synthetics, the result is a substantial savings.

Before you go shopping, you hold a small audit - examine your wardrobe, and it is sure to make a list of needed items (like clothing and accessories).

Try to stick to your plan - it helps to avoid extravagant purchases as a result of momentary impulses. Very often things are purchased under the influence of mood did not match with what you already have, and will for years gathering dust in the closet.

Rule two: Pick up reasonably accessories. The combination of colors, more details in a silk scarf, fashion handbags or strong belt can turn even a classic dress in a fashionable ensemble. A well-chosen ornaments or jewelery (eg necklace or brooch) may be beneficial to emphasize not only the items of clothing (neck, original lapels), but also your own line - the neck and chest.

In any case, perfectly chosen accessories are always talking about what you have thought carefully about her outfit.
We proceed to the third rule: underwear - is also part of your style!

We will not call the style protruding from under the jeans shorts, this is fashion for teens, although it has a right to exist.

At the moment, for lingerie, there are two extremes: to demonstrate some of the toilet, or seeks to ensure that the underwear was the least noticeable.
For example, a blouse from modern fabrics - delicate and translucent - presuppose that the bra will be perfectly visible.

But in order to look stylish, you should remember the most important thing: if the underwear does not fit into clothes by color, size or style, the impression of any outfit can be ruined instantly.

Rule four: the basis of the wardrobe should be classic stuff.

First, pick up a little strict dress color (dark blue, fashionable in recent years, steel or classic black), which sits well on you. You will be able to wear it for several years and save on this subject is not worth the toilet.

Second, the classics (trouser suit, skirt strict) well-combined and only add one piece, such as a bright new blouse that would look stylish and modern.

It may be noted that the last couple of decades pants in female clothes take up more space, and this trend will continue in the future. Stylish pants is desirable to select for different seasons separately, not only in color to your wardrobe, but also on the thickness and density of the tissue.

Still have a wardrobe of classic things alone would be boring, but it follows a rule five: do not be afraid of bright colors and rich colors!

We often wear black because the color is slim and fits to almost everything. But the world is not a lot of people who are black is for real.
The ideal time to add to his collection of dresses and skirts bright or pastel colors is spring.

Do not think that at the ripe age of such a change you do not have to face - warm cream and light beige colors can look elegant and bright accessories (the same cloth or bag) always emphasize your spring mood.
Rule Six: carefully select the size.

The thing that sits well on you, slim is better than any diet. So need to buy things that sit on you and you are right now, at this time.

Do not buy clothes in the hope that someday you will lose weight and always remember: the clothes that you are big or small, always adds a few pounds.

Let's small, but important results.

We talked about the style of dress, but the style - it's not only clothes and accessories. Your internal state (mood and self-esteem), appearance (hair, makeup, etc.) - all of which can largely define and complement your style.

Thus, the style - is not something already well established and complete. If the style - a person, and we are changing, so is changing and our style.

Every girl and woman could possess the ability to choose their own colors, combine clothes and accessories.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals and do not be afraid to experiment yourself: look for your style!

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