Sunday, November 25, 2012

Contemporary Bijouterie

Contemporary Bijouterie in quality and beauty does not yield jewelry. In jewelry fashion trends often appear sharper. Manufacturers require either be cold-classical sets with diamonds, or a bright scattering of the most incredible combinations of gems. Ring with a large stone to wear on the middle or index finger. If the fingers are thin and small, it is advisable not to wear a ring with a large gems. Ne in fashion wear multiple rings on one finger. Bracelets without stones are loose, casually walk down to the wrist. If the bracelet is decorated with a composition of stones and a large diamond, it should pull up higher on the arm.

When choosing a necklace necessarily just cleavage. Silverware preferable wear and graying hair, and the clothes cold colors, especially gray, dark blue, light blue, white and black. Gold looks better with a yellow skin and clothing warmer tones - beige, honey, brown and ivory. Bright colors that dominate contemporary Bijouterie - this is a common fashion trend. Costume jewelry light pastel shades - a perfect addition to casual clothing. Many of the latest Bijouterie collection is antique. Metal - actual and in combination with other materials, and in itself. As always in fashion natural stones of all colors and shades. Jewelry is always transforming women.

At the word European "jewelery" for different people have different associations. Someone still believes that the European jewelry - that is the lot of those who can not afford the real jewels. Someone, however, arguing that jewelry - practical, beautiful and inexpensive. We invite you to make up your mind about what it is to play the role of jewelery in our lives.

At Swarovski was the precursor - Strass. If Swarovski crystals have become world-recognized brand in the jewelry, the crystals have become the definition of "simulated diamonds" (diamonds imitations), although the name of their creator forgotten. We can not say that the use of crystals for jewelery nepochetnoe. Indeed, in the category of "rhinestones" also fall and cultured diamonds. They never become material for jewelry collections, such as the prices of locally grown stones are high. The cause of this is the preservation of the physical qualities of natural diamonds. While we must pay tribute to modern technology, used in jewelry: rhinestones sometimes are so high quality that, not being an experienced jeweler or gemologist, armed with special tools, you will not be able to distinguish the diamond crystals.

Obviously, if you purchase a necklace for a few hundred dollars, and you are told that in his frame of diamonds at least 10 carats, it is likely that - at best, you are offered to buy well done jewelery, at worst - it will just tasteless forgery. Experienced jewelers advise buyers, first, never buy expensive stones alone, without the help of a knowledgeable person, and second, to over questionable stone such tests. First you need to look through the stone. If there are inclusions within the stone, then the documentation to it may not be worth the higher transmittance. If bubbles are visible in the stone, then throw it safely - this is not the stone that the jeweler, no self-respecting designer jewelry will not be used. The second test, which is recommended jewelers - a rainbow. At a certain angle and natural diamonds, crystals, and even crystals Swarovski, often used in the collections of jewelry, make a rainbow. But, in contrast to the natural stone, the simulations rainbow either too bright or too muddy. I must say that the rainbow - is not the best way to check the stones, because in order to distinguish "too bright rainbow" from "normal" to have a remarkable experience. The easiest and most reliable test - is cutting. Even the smallest diamond should leave scratches on the glass surface. The truth must be noted that it is unlikely in the jewelry store where you will get the opportunity. Therefore, the two board either choose jewelry only in the presence of the master, that you trust, or buy jewelry - it is not only cheaper and more practical, but it is much more secure way to buy jewelry.

As in any field, which aims - to make people beautiful, the jewelry has its trends. Sometimes they fully reflect general trends, sometimes, on the contrary, are ahead of them. For example, not long ago was in fashion jewelry, in the style of 60's: big, bright decorations, a reminder of life "flower children." A year ago, jewelry was especially relevant ethnic motives. Necklace-style Inca jewelry or African beads - they are in the past year. The new season opened the jewelry collection, where the main focus was on the use of unusual materials. Trendsetters in jewelery for decades are Italian designers.

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